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Go beyond credit card rewards with your most highly requested features.

Credit Builder

Get closer to your financial milestones by building credit when you pay on-time.

Rent Splitting

Invite other household members to pay their share directly in app.

Chexy Perks

Exclusive perks tailor-made for your renter needs.

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Credit Builder

Build your financial future. One rent payment at a time. For the price of a coffee.

Get better rates on mortgages and car loans

Dreaming of a new car or home? A better credit score can lead to lower interest rates, saving you thousands.

Stronger rent applications

Make your rental applications stand out with a history of timely rent payments.

Improve your

Payment history
Credit history length
Credit mix

How Credit Builder Works

Chexy automatically reports your rent payments to Equifax and opens doors to lower interest rates and more.

Opt in

Opt in to Credit Builder and upload your lease. We'll continue to automatically charge rent to your card and record the payment.

We'll report

Every month, we'll report your recorded rent payment to Equifax. Each payment will appear as a new tradeline on your credit report.

Build credit

By incorporating rent payments on your credit report, you diversify your credit mix, show payment history — all factors affecting your credit score.

Never chase your roommates again with Rent Splitting

Split rent in-app with other members of your household.

Invite roommates to join your household

Have roommates who contribute to rent? You can invite them to automatically pay their share through Chexy.

We'll combine all payments into a single e-transfer

Every month, we'll add up everyone's share and send a single e-transfer for the full amount (up to $10,000) to your landlord.

Access to Exclusive Chexy Perks

Unlock perks that were tailor made for tenant needs.

Get pre-approved for a mortgage

With Chexy, stepping into homeownership is smoother than ever. Get pre-approved for a mortgage directly through our platform with Homewise. It's time to move from renting to owning without the hassle.

2-click tenant insurance

Get convenient and affordable tenant coverage through Chexy and satisfy your landlord's minimum requirements in two clicks.

Start earning on your rent today

It's your largest expense. Make it work for you.

Start earning on your rent today

It's your largest expense. Make it work for you.

Start earning on your rent today

It's your largest expense. Make it work for you.